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ng stability, fully implementing the new development philosophy, accelerating the reform and opening-up, and speeding up the development of a modernized economy. He underscored devoting greater energy to enhancing urban function and core competitiveness and steadily improving the

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capacity and level of governance of modern socialist international metropolises. During the inspection tour, Xi learned about the implementation of the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, p


lanning and development of urban public space, and community governance and service. Visiting a section of the Yangshupu Waterworks located at Binjiang public space in Yangpu District, Xi spoke of the need to properly balance


the relationship between protection and development, and the importance of maintaining a city's historical features. Old architectures in the city, just like the elderly people, should be respected and treated well to retain a


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city's historical and cultural memories so that history and hometown memory can take roots in people'

s minds, helping them build stronger cultural confidence and deeper love for the country, Xi said. "Th

e cities are built by the people and are for the people," Xi said, adding that urban planning and deve

lopment must be committed to a people-centered approach and focus on people's needs. At a civic center

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